About Us

Who are we?

We are a registered Mental Health Foundation which aims to create a platform for psychologists and interested enthusiasts to serve the community. Our major activities involve individual counseling, group therapy, psychology based workshops, community meets and service based activities.

What is our Philosophy?

“Understanding self to cope better, together”

How are we different?

Our objective is to co-create a sense of well-being and community through ‘expression.’ We focus on the neglected psychological issues and raise awareness for the same through purpose driven fun activities.

How did Aatma Prakash start?

The company is co-founded by Prarthana Sharma (Counselling Psychologist) and Aruna Sharma.  Prarthana has worked in the past with Indian Institute of Management, Tata Institute of Social Science, and Schools like Sathyasai and Podar International. She has experience in the field of Alcohol addiction, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), Depression, Anxiety, and Adjustmental Concerns. The second founder is Mrs. Aruna Sharma. She is a psychology enthusiast who loves helping people and looks after the management of the organization.

This Foundation is functioning under the guidance and mentoring of Dr. Manasharamani (from Indore).

Psychologists like Mr. Amaresh Nath, Mrs. Maya Bohra, Ms. Mekhala Vadadkar, and many others are associated with Aatma Prakash.


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. How to join your online course


  2. Can you help me in Delhi ? Suffer from a distressing blockage kind of sensation in left inner ear area which could be psychological in nature.


    1. Sure Sir. We will get in touch with you. Kindly drop your contact details here. https://aatmaprakash.in/get-in-touch/


  3. Tanvir qureshi May 4, 2018 — 4:37 am

    I need your help pls help me I suffering from anxiety and panic attack and i wrote too much or think about it on inter that put me in very tough situation this is like bad dream pls make me out from this situation ..no one


    1. Hi Tanvir,
      We would like to help you out. Kindly drop your contact details here.

      Thank you!


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