Empower. Transform. Evolve.

An initiative designed to facilitate the holistic improvement of one’s mental and emotional well-being. We provide a platform to look within, accept oneself and transform. We empower and equip people to live purposeful lives.


To see a world where each individual has the power, will and freedom to express, heal and transform.


To touch, move and inspire every person we come in contact with, by teaching the mind to think and the heart to love.

Provide a platform for people to connect to their true selves and create a valuable relationship with themselves and others.

Our objective is to create awareness of mental health and emotional well-being by fostering education, alleviating stigma and highlight the need for prevention and early intervention.

We aim to create a holistic community of mental health professional and different kinds of healers, in order to ensure the best quality service for every individual.


The people we offer support ranges in age from teenagers to geriatrics, who come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and experiences.


We help you make space in your existing world where YOU ARE YOU.

The session empowers an individual to introspect and find the inspiration within!

We help you discover and build your resilience.

YOU are the sole reason for the existence of HOPE. Thus we are giving in everything to ensure the best services for you.


Parita was working in Deloitte, while she was pursuing Chartered Accountancy. Perfect job, perfect career, perfect family, but still she felt a void she was unable to understand. That is when she experienced depression. Fighting through, she understood and realized the stigma present regarding mental health. Also, she saw the need to bridge the gap between therapists and people. Thus, HOPE.

She is an enthusiastic professional, deeply motivated to make a positive impact on people’s lives. With a passion for making a difference, she truly believes that she’ll make this a better place to live in. Parita believes that every person deserves to be heard. Developing a world of empathetic listeners is what drives her every morning!


Grishma has done her Master’s Degree in counseling psychology and has been pursuing her ambitious dream to heal people for the last 8 years with one strong reason – #YOUMATTER!

One of her core competencies consists of versatility in developing an   empathetic connection with each client that enables her to heal a diverse group of people. She provided a sustained commitment to facilitating positive transformation as a school counselor and has developed comprehensive modules for children to enhance their emotional, learning and cognitive skills. A successful career counselor and facilitator, she has vast experience in working with adults having a serious and persistent mental illness. While working in so many different places, she was looking for something more meaningful and with a holistic approach. That is when HOPE was conceived!! Grishma believes in living life to the fullest. Enlivening people’s lives and teaching them to love, is what drives her every morning.