Student Wellness Program

We have an Idea for your School!  

Aatma Prakash envisions an emotionally healthy and mature process of growing up for students at your school. We are committed to support students emotional wellness so they feel prepared at the right time to develop awareness and skill sets to face the real life challenges.  

Why is School Wellness Program Important? 

  • 20% of children younger than 18 years of age have mental health concerns according to the prevalence estimates (World Health Organization, 2004).
  • Mental health problems in school, like stress, anxiety, bullying, family problems, depression, a learning disability etc. are prevalent among one in five children. 60% of them don’t receive treatment which often results in academic failure and behavioural problems. 
  • Mental health problems are common, develop during childhood and adolescence, can be treatable with early detection and intervention, which help in improving resilience and ability to succeed in school and life (Association for Children’s Mental Health) 

Thus, issues like misbehavior with elders, concentration issues, irritation and anger outbursts, overthinking, negative thoughts, anxiety, helplessness, a feeling of being lost, shy, stubbornness, and/or addiction issues are mere symptoms of a hidden, unressolves and ignored emotional issue which might be growing with the child. Depression, anxiety or stress might be the cause to these behaviours observed among students (National Journal of Community Medicine).  These concerns can impact performance and behaviour of the students in schools, with family, friends and cause internal disturbance. 

What can we do? 

To ensure holistic development we focus our interventions on experientially improving the emotional intelligence among children. Some of our services during the process of intervention are: 

Services offered 
1 Individual counselling and therapy 
2 Teacher Training Programs (Psychological First Aid) 

  • PFA is a teacher wellness program wherein we focus on teachers emotional needs, team building, gaining communication and listening skills and learning tips to handle difficult behavior. 
  • More about the same in the attachment below
3 Parent Awareness Programs 
4 Community Outreach Programs 
5 Our innovative psychological intervention for youth- LINK 

  • To empower emotional well-being among students who are at the critical identity formation age of fourteen years, through our module LINK.
  • The module is prepared to help adolescents express themselves and be more self aware. Self expression and self awareness
  • Adolescents will gain clarity and contribute to enhanced decision making, creativity, better problem solving techniques and help cope with different difficult life challenges

What makes us different?   

  • The programs are designed, delivered and documented by trained psychologists.
  • The school wellness offering can be tailor-made on the basis of school needs (which we learn after conducting an objective evaluation with teachers, students and administration). 
  • We offer all the above services at the same cost-price as of hiring a counsellor